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During my role as a designer in architecture and planning I valuably contributed to the branding of residential  and hospitality projects such as 1228 Madison Ave. by Robert A.M Stern Architects & Kelly Behun Studio, The West  by Concrete Architects, a NoHo Hospitality Group Restaurant, and a Bon Appetit Chef restaurant, etc. Besides being involved in 3D deliverables and branding initiatives, I also coordinated production with vendors to execute concepts to the client’s vision and standards.

I supported the 1228 Madison Avenue branding initiative at Pandiscio Green by drawing marketing floor plans for print and digital collateral, art directing marketing renders by CGI studio, Grain, and architectural illustrations by visualization studio  Recent Spaces, and executing branded construction signage to city code standards. This Robert A.M Stern and Kelly Behun building is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

As part of a four person team, I contributed to The West’s brand vision by executing a variety of architecturally related marketing materials such as: signage for the construction scaffolding and sales gallery, an architectural axonometric drawing of the building’s amenities, and a branded sculpture for the sales gallery. The building is on 47th st in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, it was designed by Concrete Architects and developed by CBSK Ironstate.

lower east side, new york